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I don’t think the success of this retreat would have been possible without India Mayorga (Co-founder and SVP Operations) who acts as the COO of the retreat.

She is a uniquely talented and caring organizer, with a disposition that dissolves anxiety on the spot. I truly appreciate everything I know Nadav, Jake and Carol also made happen in front of and behind the curtains for this trip to run so smoothly.

And finally, I can only imagine what the full staff had to accomplish to get the center ready for us in time. True gratitude for every single person on your incredible team!

Our friends still talk regularly about the peak experience you offered and our community is stronger than ever as a result.

David Champion
Bouler CO and Imiloa Host

“The Imiloa Institute is a magical place. It opens your heart up, and you are immersed in beauty the entire time. They have blended the setting and rooms with the natural surroundings, and it’s aesthetically gorgeous. The staff are warm and welcoming; the food is truly made with love and is the healthiest and tastiest. Just being presented with each meal was an exquisite and luxurious treat. There are many places to be one with nature on the grounds, and to relax and soak it all in. You will find yourself Being and present so much more. This place will steal your heart, and you’ll want to bring all your loved ones back.”


“It’s such a support system. It feels like Imiloa is our third facilitator.”

Carmina Becerra
Co-Founder Camera Ready / TV Host, Univision, NBC and Fox Sports / 2x Imiloa Host and Retreat Master

“Imiloa is one of the best retreat centers in the world.”

Juan Pablo Barahon
Founder, Wild Leadership Training / 2x Imiloa Host and Retreat Master

The food, staff and overall experience were impeccable and beyond any expectation.

It was a real treat to spend a week at Imiloa especially while going through a very personal journey and I am forever grateful to all of the staff for feeling so welcomed, cared for and full-filled in every way.

Chef Pedro is a total magician. This was some of the best food I’ve eaten.

Sarah (VIP Host) was an absolute joy to be around and could read what was needed before one had even open their mouth.


“A stay at Imiloa is so much more than a visit to Costa Rica. It’s walking into and among a powerful energy vortex.”

Becky Hendrickson
Retreat host

“Imiloa holds true magic, an inspiration for the globe in communal living, mind expansion, and development of the spirit.”

Jake Floria

“Inspiration is the word that defines my experience, a balance of food for body, mind and soul!”

Jairo Serna

“This is the best food I’ve ever eaten. Imiloa is changing the world! One of the most beautiful and powerful healing retreat centers you will find anywhere!”

Blake Zealear

“Imiloa is one of a kind. It’s a mix of deep rooted nature with a waterfall included, and is also high end luxury. I fell in love with the entire team. The operations group is incredible and holds a needed and beautiful container of groundedness. The Chef changed the game in how I view vegan cuisine. It is the best food I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you.”

Raven Marie
Imiloa Retreat Attendee / Event Curator & Motivational Blogger