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“The Imiloa Institute is a magical place. It opens your heart up, and you are immersed in beauty the entire time. They have blended the setting and rooms with the natural surroundings, and it’s aesthetically gorgeous. The staff are warm and welcoming; the food is truly made with love and is the healthiest and tastiest. Just being presented with each meal was an exquisite and luxurious treat. There are many places to be one with nature on the grounds, and to relax and soak it all in. You will find yourself Being and present so much more. This place will steal your heart, and you’ll want to bring all your loved ones back.”


“I felt extremely well taken care of, which was especially comforting given the emotional intensity of our retreat and the fact that we were deep in a jungle. The spaces were inspiring, the food was beautiful and the staff was loving.”

Eric Fish

“I travel giving retreats for more than six months a year over the last decade and have experienced venues all over the world.

Imiloa stands out – its dedicated vision for planetary transformation, the lush beauty of the jungle and the attention to detail in the luxury lodging, the exquisitely prepared food and genuine joy of service by the staff; and the warm spirit and efficiency of Jake Sasseville and India Mayorga. I will be back.

Bruce Lyon
Co-Founder of ISTA (International School of Temple Arts)

“I’ve attended two week-long retreats at Imiloa. They were at the beginning and end of 2019. It is a world class setting, exquisitely designed and managed to serve up world class nurturing and enhancements for people deeply involved in service to the world.

To dream that up, make it a reality, and grow it, takes visionaries. Once you meet Jake, India, Nadav and the team, you’ll understand.

As a former undercover spy in Vietnam who came back crazed by what I saw, I coordinated self-help groups for vets, initiated the Congressional study on PTSD, and authored “Healing from War: Trauma & Transformation after Vietnam.”

The cure for trauma is not anything most commonly talked about. It’s creating a life that recruits courage, commitment and care of a fully engaged soldier to pitch in on creating a world where war is obsolete.

Imiloa is a precious, hugely gutsy ally in this greatest campaign.”

Artie Vipperla, PhD
Vietnam Veteran (formerly Arthur Egendorf)

“This was more than I could have ever dreamed. Imiloa was eye opening, life-changing and it renewed me and prepared a foundation that I didn’t know that I needed. The food was incredible and the location was beautiful. I can’t wait to come back. Magical.”

Mitzy Lara

“Inspiration is the word that defines my experience, a balance of food for body, mind and soul!”

Jairo Serna

I don’t think the success of this retreat would have been possible without India Mayorga (Co-founder and SVP Operations) who acts as the COO of the retreat.

She is a uniquely talented and caring organizer, with a disposition that dissolves anxiety on the spot. I truly appreciate everything I know Nadav, Jake and Carol also made happen in front of and behind the curtains for this trip to run so smoothly.

And finally, I can only imagine what the full staff had to accomplish to get the center ready for us in time. True gratitude for every single person on your incredible team!

Our friends still talk regularly about the peak experience you offered and our community is stronger than ever as a result.

David Champion
Bouler CO and Imiloa Host

“Imiloa was an unparalleled location to free the mind and imagine the future.”

Simon Copet

“The land holds a high vibration as do the people that work at Imiloa. It is a perfect place that compliments and enhances high vibrational work, education or teachings.”

William Peterffy

“Imiloa is the Ritz-Carlton of transformation.”

Tera Maxwell
Transformation Coach, Imiloa Host and Retreat Master