7 Days
7 Transformational Leaders
1 Life-Changing Experience

Learn from some of the world’s leading transformational experts the exact tools, strategies and methods to reset your life and elevate your vision in business and life.

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So many people pass on amazing opportunities in life because they’re focused on the pursuit of having something rather than totally being what they want

Having a powerful vision, emotional intelligence, and alignment, managing their body and mind through breathwork, cleansing their body by understanding ancient principles of Ayurveda and plant-based nutrition, manifesting the business and life of your dreams through physical activation and mind meditation, and embodying it through movement practice.

Imiloa’s 7-Day Reset & Elevate is designed to give you all of this and MORE.

Featuring world-class transformational leaders in areas of CEO and leadership coaching, entrepreneurship, breathwork, Ayurvedic masters trained in India and culinary specialists, 8-figure business owners and meditation masters, 7-Day Reset & Elevate will help you unlock a whole new level of awareness, personal growth, fulfilment and steps to elevate your life.

Ian HartGlobal Authority on Back Pain Relief, Wim Hof protege Andrew Sealy, Yoga Master and AcroYoga Instructor@ianrhart
Andrew SealyYoga Master and AcroYoga Instructor@andrew7sealy
Jake SassevilleCo-Founder and President of Imiloa Institute@jakesasseville
Chef Pedro PradhuWorld-class Chef and Brain Tumor Survivor@pedropradhu
Juan Pablo BarahonaCreator of the Quantum Flow Technique, Entrepreneur, expert in Quantum Physics, Kinesiology, Holistic Medicine, Tantric and Toltech Philosophy@juanpa_global
Regan Hillyer8-Figure Business Owner and Entrepreneur@reganhillyer
Jessica KruseAyurvedic Master@lavidaveda.ca
Nadav WilfLeadership Coach for Fortune 500 Companies and Social Impact Entrepreneurs@nadavwilf

So HOW exactly can one 7-Day event create breakthroughs and “reset and elevate” your life?

It’s simple: Imiloa hosts the best retreat hosts, masters, and teachers on the planet. They’ve perfected the art and science of transformation each in their own area of mastery. They share their PROVEN techniques to accelerate your understanding, practices, and integrations so you can apply it to any area of your business, life, and relationships.

The 7-Day Reset & Elevate is an interactive, step-by-step coaching program giving you the exact tools you need to reset thoughts, rewire your mindset, and reconnect with yourself to bring you maximum results in just 7 Days.

Each day you’ll be delivered a video lesson and a downloadable day outline from an Imiloa master from around the world with expert guidance to give you some actionable tools and specific steps to help you progress through your 7-Day journey.

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Mastering the 6 tastes of Ayurveda and discover dishes that are easy to make that will transform your biology
Learn the meditation practice and body activations of two 8-figure earning self development entrepreneurs
Eliminate stress and overwhelm by learning the proven breath technique by Wim Hof protegé Ian Hart
Get the unfair advantage that one top-in-class business coach shares with his CEO and founder clients of social impact companies worth $10 million and more

7-Day Reset & Elevate allows you to go on a complete journey to help you transform not just your mind, but also your physical being.

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